Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The "Notes from the Road" Manifesto - Welcome!

Dear Reader,
Notes from the Road is something I’ve been meaning to create for a long time; a place to share travel stories, tips and general wisdom, away from the rhetoric of the travel industry. Here, you won’t find anyone trying to sell you a backpack for £1000...just useful advice and inspiring experiences to keep you fuelled whether you’re planning a trip or on the road as we speak.

This blog might be of interest to any of the following:
·         Wayward Wanderers
·         Vagrants
·         Vagabonds
·         Ramblers
·         Rogues
·         Revolutionaries in the Making
·         Exiles
·         Itinerants
·         Nomadic Peoples
·         Travellers
·         Gypsies and Gypsy Wannabes
·         Beats
·         Poets
·         Philosophers
·         Storytellers
·         Buskers
·         Rock Stars
·         Dreamers
·         Drifters
·         Outlaws
·         Bikers
·         Rebels without Causes
·         Hobos
·         Tramps
·         Train Hoppers
·         Hippies
·         Backpackers
·         Restless Souls
·         Procrastinating Students
·         “Creative” people
·         The Bored and/or Curious
·         The World Weary
·         Bohemians
·         Romantics
·         Buddhas
·         Celts
·         Native Americans
·         The occasional Quaker
·         Banditos
·         Night Walkers
·         Drinkers
·         Party animals
·         Recluses
·         Madmen
·         Punks
·         Pilgrims
·         Down and Outs
·         Squatters
·         The Rich and the Poor
·         Hikers
·         Mountain Climbers
·         Lovers and Fighters
·         ...and various other “Open-minded” Persons

As you can see, this blog isn’t exclusive. Nor is it prescriptive. We welcome all kinds of travel and anything that might interest you, though the focus will tend to be on the journey and the act of travelling itself; the interaction with the land, the fleeting encounters and the moments you’ll remember forever, whether of misery or ecstasy!

We hope you enjoy it, and feel free to get involved!

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