Thursday, 23 August 2012

Mystery Trip! Can You Guess Where We're Going?

Hello all,

It's time to start playing Sherlock!

My friend is planning a "mystery trip" for me and a few others in October. I'm trying to figure it out, but this one has me stumped. If anyone can solve the mystery for me, you win...I don't know what, but I'll think of something cool as a prize. First person to solve the mystery or guess the correct answer wins! Plus, I'll give points if anyone gets his Plan B or Plan C.

Okay, so here are the clues:

Dates: October 18th - 22nd

The dates have been pushed back, suggesting it isn't a fixed event that is only on that weekend.

Flights cost less than £70 return per person.

Accomodation cost approximately £100 per person for 4 nights - but this could include some "activities" that would have given away the destination...

My friend doesn't like:
  • the heat
  • witnessing poverty
  • excessive drinking/clubbing
  • drugs or prostitution
  • walking, climbing, or, in fact, any strenuous physical activity
He can't:
  • drive
  • swim
  • ride a bicycle
He likes:
  • Good food...though nothing "weird"
  • Maritime history
  • Rock and metal music
  • and a whole bunch of other things which don't, at first glance anyway, seem relevant
He has a very good moral conscience and is fairly into his politics, which suggests he wouldn't take us to a country with a record of human rights violations or such like.

It isn't Portugal or Belgium...I'm pretty sure.

The people involved have recently returned from trips to: Istanbul; Varna, Bulgaria; Berlin; Ireland and Finland...not that that means anything in this crazy, mixed up game.

Seperate trips have been planned for Berlin and Stockholm so it's probably not them...unless this was all part of his plan.

It's possible he has been using a local to help him arrange it. Known contacts include, but aren't limited to: Karkov, Ukraine; Barcelona; Krakov, Poland; and elsewhere in Southern Poland.

He has lied about it being Iceland to throw us off the track. A double bluff? I think not.

We haven't had to apply for any visas, etc.

It's 4 guys, so essentially a "lads' trip" of sorts.

He has a vested interest in visiting Italy at the moment.

Above all, he is doing his best to get us off the scent. It's entirely possible he's picked the most obscure place he can think of...or the one that seems most obvious...

I've narrowed it down to 6 cities, but I think he'll surprise me.

If you need any additional info, let me know. Let's get some ideas bouncing around in the comments!

Thanks and good luck!




  1. Madrid, Cagliari, Geneva, Munich, Ljubljana, Edinburgh

  2. You think its one place?

  3.'re right Anonymous (or should I say Mat?)...the extra "activity" money could be for transport, in which case we're looking at 2, possibly 3 fairly close destinations. Any ideas?

    My 5 are: Barcelona, Genoa, Budapest, Krakow and/or elsewhere in Southern Poland.

    (The sixth was either Naples or the Florence region but I think I've eliminated them now.)

    Interesting range Martin! Edinburgh? You think he'd be so devious?

  4. Bologna, Florence, somewhere in Poland that is cheap to fly to..., Budapest, Munich and Seville.

  5. Reykjavik, Barcelona, Stockholm, Rome, Naples, Morocco...x

  6. cities that are cheap to travel in poland right now are gdansk, rzeszow, wroclaw, poznan, zakopane, lublin i hope this helps

  7. poland,france,copenhagen,belgrade, athens,pisa.

  8. Rome, Venice, Moscow, Berlin, Turin

  9. Wow, looks like between us we've got pretty much every angle covered! Nice work people.

  10. We set sail tomorrow. Last chance to guess and win yourself a mystery prize! Stockholm, Jerez, Oslo, Helsinki, Malta - Valetta, St Julian's, Gozo...