Blogs I Like

"One for All and All for One!"

Because I'm just one man and can't say it all, here are some (possibly better) blogs that regularly inspire me:

The Y Travel Blog - Set up by Caz and Craig, this blog originally set out to answer the age old question of why we travel. It is now one of the most successful travel blogs out there, covering just about everything, from campfire cooking recipes to advice on how to "travel like a child". Plus, they've also been kind enough to let me do a guest post for them, on things to do in Japan.

The World Music Travel Blog by Jenny O'Connor (not the musician) - This one combines my great loves - music and travel - and specialises on lesser known but exceptionally talented World Musicians and where to catch them.

Beth Davidson's World Art & Travel Blog - Similarly, this one specialises in great art from around the world and the adventures that are to be had whilst trying to get to it. Davidson coined the term "Art Travel" and is relentless in her quest to popularise it.

The Holiday-n-Adventure Blog - This one's a little biased as I've actually done a fair amount of copywriting and travel writing for Holiday-n-Adventure. Nevertheless, the blog provides tonnes of useful, informative and inspirational posts to help fuel your travel plans. This is also the best place to find their latest discounts and offers.

And now for something totally different! This fashion blog by amateur writer and fashionista, Hailes Heart is one of my favourites.

Be on the Road is a fascinating blog after my own heart, by superb travel photographer Sankara Subramanian, who has completed some epic motorcycle journeys in his time. This one to the top of the world - the Himalayas!

The Bohemian Blog by Darmon Richter seems to manifest itself mostly these days as an Urbex blog - a compelling and downright creepy study of the world's lost, derelict and forgotten places. However, with Richter, you never know what you're going to get!

Grrrl Traveler ( is my favourite crazy, Korea-centric travel blog! ;-)

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